Smartesting CertifyIt tool is a model-based test generation tool enabling end-to-end testing.

It is composed of two modules:

  1. CertifyIt a Plugin for IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) that enables the modelling for testing
  2. CertifyIt a Core application that will enable the automated test generation and test export into a test repository, producing if necessary the required scripts for test automation

The test model is composed of two view static and dynamic view.

The static view depicts the components of system under test (SUT) used in the testing process and their relation. The static view is represented using a subset of UML diagrams, called UML4MBT (class, object and statechart diagrams). The dynamic view expresses the SUT behaviour and is represented using OCL (Object Constraint Language). The IBM RSA plugin enables syntax checking of the model before launching the test generation with the core application.

Smartesting CertifyIt generates end-to-end test cases keeps bi-directional traceability between the testing requirements and the test cases.

The generated test cases, including traceability elements, through various native and user-specific publishers, can be exported to any test repository as well as dedicated scripts, providing the adaptation layer framework to execute them on the system under test.

Model based testing
Requirement coverage analysis
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Smartesting Certifyit is a commercial tool. Contact for credentials to get access to the tool. Once you get them, you can access the download site in the Smartesting Extranet 


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