CompleteTest is a software solution intended to be used for automated testing of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) software, found in systems like airplanes, nuclear power plants, medical devices, trains, space shuttles. PLC software is all around us. We use them in our daily life without even considering to what extent their functioning is dependent on software and that they might fail because of a software. And there is one thing that makes these systems rather unique about them: if they fail, people may die and the environment may be at harm. However, testing these systems is a rather difficult and time consuming task. There are many national and international standards, safety regulation agencies mandating a certain level of testing.
Currently, many companies developing PLC software are manually testing their software which is a tedious and error prone process.
CompleteTest is based on the main scientific outcome of different research projects. CompleteTest is rooted in theories of formal verification, model checking, and model-based test
Main Features:
● CompleteTest implements a novel technique of automatically designing tests for PLCs using an ​ efficient model checking algorithm​ to interpret the results as tests.
● CompleteTest goal is to help testers ​ automatically develop tests for safety critical software systems.
● CompleteTest is based on a ​ novel efficient method for transforming the PLC software ​ to a formal model suitable for model-checking and test generation.
● CompleteTest advantage over other testing tools is that is ​ independent of the test generation approach and thus is generic in the sense that it could also be used when choosing other criteria by which one can test PLC software.
● We can contribute to a ​ reduction of the number of engineering hours ​ used for unit testing (to define test cases, test and document) by 80% with tests automatically being generated now in couple of seconds. This dramatically impacts the total test time with a reduction of the test time -unit to system by 20%.

Model Verification & Validation
Static model checking
Schedulability analysis
Performance analysis
Model based testing
Requirement coverage analysis
Dependability analysis
Formal methods
main contact: 
Eduard Paul Enoiu
Commercial (free for academia non-profit applications)


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