Conformiq Designer is most commonly used in embedded software development to automate testing and speed up development in various industries, including Communication, Network Equipment Providers, and Automotive.

Conformiq Designer enables end-to-end test automation and automated test design. It is made for developing systems with high software quality requirements and complex designs.

When Quality comes first

Designer is ideal for:

  • Embedded systems with stringent quality requirements
  • Safety-critical applications (e.g. automotive, aerospace)
  • Long-lived systems that need to work reliably
  • Systems that are standardized or need regulatory approvals
  • Systems with high security requirements

Flexible and adaptable all-purpose tool

  • Provides flexibility to develop your own modeling frameworks with standard Java + Unified Modeling Language (UML) programming language.
  • Import standard UML diagrams from various tools.
  • Pre-built plugins make it easy to integrate with any test execution framework.

Power to tame complexity

  • Powerful Java + UML programming language describes complex system behavior.
  • Visualizes complex system behavior and organizes it into modules.
  • Models are easier to read and review than written specs.
  • Improves maintenance and communication
  • Intelligent test generation algorithm always creates the right tests, no matter how complex the system.
  • Optimizes test sets, improving manageability and maintenance.
  • Compacts test sets for faster execution.

Great match for Embedded Software and State Based Systems

  • Designer tests embedded systems and testing state based systems like protocols and parallel/multi-threaded systems with real-time constraints.
  • Ideal for component testing, complex computation / logic testing, collision cases testing, and testing systems with timing-critical dependencies.
  • Frequently used in the following sectors:
    • Communications Network Equipment
    • Automotive
    • Embedded software
Model based testing
Static model checking
System requirements specification
Requirement traceability
Requirement coverage analysis
Formal methods
Dynamic model checking
Model Verification & Validation
Model import/export facility
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Conformiq Designer is available at the Conformiq download site available in the link below. Credentials for access must be requested to main contact: Kimmo Nupponen:


Conformiq Designer documentation is available within the tool itself. Go to menu Help/ConformiqManual