Xamber is a configuration tool for partitioned systems based on the hypervisor XtratuM It is the cross platform version ​of the previous configuration tool Xoncrete. The XtratuM configuration file specifies a particular configuration of a system running on the XtratuM hypervisor. The Xamber Tool abstracts any complexity that may exist within configurations of the elements of the system and automatically generates the appropriate internal structures to configure XtratuM for a specific payload​.

It is a powerful graphical editor to design a partitioned system and provides an intuitive, time saving and powerful interface for capturing and editing all the elements that are part of the system.
Xamber implements specific views to provide a simple visualization of the configuration process. Using the Xamber tool, users can easily change the configuration of the system elements such as the HW description, the hypervisor, the resident SW, etc. and immediately see how these changes affect other elements in real time

Having access to an easy-to-use configuration interface paired with software tools that graphically configure a partitioned system enables users to quickly determine the model elements and automate XML code generation. The configuration tool outputs the XML generated files that can then be imported or added to an existing project​. When all the configuration is done, the tool generates the static configuration file for XtratuM​. Anyway, Xamber is designed to support agnostic models, in the sense that once the system is configured, it is easy to create exporters to generate the configuration file for other hypervisors (i.e. VXWorks and PykeOS).

Xamber is also in charge of containing the temporal model of the system that can be easily defined graphically. It also provides automated schedule generation performed by Cortex scheduling tool​.

In addition to code generation, the tool prompt the user for any errors or warnings detected. The Xamber tool provides an error list for any detected errors. Double-clicking on any error then takes the user to the configuration setting that is incorrect and highlights it in red. Once any detected conflicts are resolved, errors are automatically removed from the error list. Without access to a graphical tool for configuration, a developer may need to spend a significant amount of time debugging a configuration.


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Contact Patricia Balbastre (pbalbastre@fentiss.com) for getting an evaluation account of Xamber and for downloading it at the link below


Contact Patricia Balbastre (pbalbastre@fentiss.com) for getting an evaluation account of Xamber and for accessing its documentation at the link below