The open source modeling environment.

Main Features

  • UML Modeler
    Modelio is a first and foremost a modeling environment, supporting a wide range of models and diagrams, and providing model assistance and consistency checking features.
  • BPMN support integrated with UML
    Modelio combines BPMN support and UML support in one tool, with dedicated diagrams to support business process modeling.
  • Java code generator
    The Java Designer module uses an RCP/Eclipse-style project file structure, and supports Java code generation and reverse, Javadoc generation and Java automation.
  • XMI import/export
    Modelio provides an XMI import/export feature that enables you to exchange UML2 models between different tools.
  • HTML model publishing
    With the HTML Publisher module, publish your models in HTML format.
  • Extension system
    Modelio can be extended for any language, methodology or modeling technique just by adding modules to your configuration. You can either use existing modules or else develop your own.
  • Scripting language support (Jython)
    Modelio provides integrated support of the Jython scripting language, for online requests, small scripts and macro definition.
Standard Modelling Languages & Profiles
Domain Specific Languages
Document generation
Stakeholder needs definition
System requirements specification. Requirement traceability
Architecture Viewpoint modelling
Functional analysis
Architecture components modeling
Reuse & Variability modelling
SW-FPGA-HW components modelling
Properties modeling
Aspect oriented modeling
Static model checking
Dependability analysis
Schedulability analysis
Performance analysis
Model based testing
Requirement coverage analysis
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Latest Modelio release (version is 3.8.0) can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and MacOS from the link below:


Modelio 3.8.0 documentation, including the Quick Start Guide, User Manual and Tutorials, is available in the links shown below:

Source Code

Modelio 3.8.0 source code is accesible in the link below.