AIPHS, acronym of Adaptive Profiling HW Sub-system, is basically conceived to support designers on the development of On-Chip Monitoring Systems (OCMSs) able to satisfy given Monitorability Requirements, namely requirements about possibility to observe the behaviour of a system with the goal of collecting metrics (e.g. related to execution time). It is a flexible framework that targets both SoCs implemented on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and on Integrated Circuits integrating some reconfigurable logics. AIPHS is a library of elements that, starting from some monitorability requirements and a description of the architecture, automatically offers a monitoring system that performs required measurements.

There are different planned steps related to AIPHS development, listed in the following:

  • baseline/initial version
    • Distributed hardware monitoring system for targets implemented on FPGAs;
    • Run-time generation of logs for WCET analysis;
    • Runtime generation of logs for performance measurements on targets with multi-core processors, running bare-metal and Linux based applications;
  • intermediate version
    • Generalization of the concept among monitoring infrastructures by defining a general reference architecture that can be adapted to different applications;
  • final version
    • Development of a methodology to suggest the best monitoring mechanisms to be used in a given system, depending on data of interest and constraints to be satisfied;

The current development activities provide features related to baseline/initial version. In particular:

  • The produced monitoring systems are described in VHDL;
  • The monitoring systems can be strongly customized acting directly on VHDL code. There is an example adaptation to provide logs for WCET analysis with Rapitime tool (, partially done during CRAFTERS european project (
  • The monitoring system can act both on bare-metal application and Linux-based ones.
  • The monitoring system can be controlled both by bare-metal applications and Linux-based ones: for the latter, a character device driver is provided.
Probes injection
Traces collection
Monitoring and logs analysis
Monitor Generation
Monitoring Data Parser
main contact: 
Giacomo Valente


Instructions to download the AIPHS tool are provide in the link below


The documentation of the AIPHS tool is available at the site link below

Source Code

AIPHS souce code is available at its GitHub repository link shown below