CHESS implements the CHESS UML/SysML profile, a specialization of the Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems (MARTE) profile

Automatic Test Generation for Function Block Diagrams

EMF Views is an Eclipse plugin that brings the concept of database views to the modeling world

EMFtoCSP is a tool for the automatic verification of UML or EMF models annotated with OCL constraints

Model-based Monitoring from Åbo Akademi (MBMÅA) tool
Model-based Performance Testing (MBPeT) tool

The open source modeling environment.

Constellation organizes and manages collaborative (distributed) World Wide Modeling projects,

Moka extensions provides a number of plugins that extend the functionality of Papyrus Moka engine for fUML simulation:

NeoEMF is a project that aims at handling large EMF models in an efficient and scalable way.